Book Commission #3

After finishing the Chicago poetry cover for Mr. Keizer, he needed one for his Iowa poetry. I had a lot of fun looking through images of the beautiful Heartland. Here’s what I came up with:

iowa book cover iowa book cover b iowa book cover a

I played around with the center image above a little bit, and this is the final product. Congratulations on your new book cover, Mr. Keizer!

iowa book cover b2

Now, what can I do for YOU?

Book Cover Commission

Someone asked me to do a book cover for their poetry book about Chicago. This was a fun one to do, and my muse awakened. I have 3 covers to offer my client.

urban mythology 2 urban mythology 4 urban mythology

Book Cover Design: Darker Daze

A.L. Mabry is writing a book, and she needed a cover for it. She had an idea and a couple of pictures. I ran with it, and can now add another happy customer to my collection.

Darker Daze Cover

I created this by adding a layer mask and gradient to combine the two images seamlessly.

Book Cover Designs

What started as a blog design thing turned into so much more. Here are a few samples of book covers designs I have created.


Rolling in the Deep Cover ESW Book Cover 1


Til Death 2 non Christmas Soul Reapers Cover 2

Til Death actually turned out really pretty after my brother took my idea and made it a painting:

Til Death official book cover