>Another Wish Granted….

>Robyn of Life By Chocolate wanted  a new look for her blog. Playing with pink and chocolate was so much fun!! Since she already had a button, we went with package #3, substituting the button for category tags. Let me tell you, it was so fun to make these things. I am SO in love. You saw a sample of them in the post below this one, so here’s a view of what her header and background looks like now:

I also made a second header to this, which she is not using, so its available FOR FREE to anyone who wants it. It’s transparent, so it will fit nicely against any background, and the fonts/font colors can be changed. All I need is your blog name/byline and a picture you want for the center. Interested bloggers should email me at geniegirlgraphics@gmail.com

Next up….My Write Side has just moved to wordpress. I can’t wait to start on customizing it and making it all mine!! Stay tuned as I work with a yellow brick road theme.


One Comment on “>Another Wish Granted….”

  1. >And this customer is very, very happy. I hope someone uses that other header, because it's really nice.(I'll be properly acknowledging your work on my blog soon.) :)xoRobyn


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